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Why not FCoE?

You may have read my previous articles on FCoE as well as some comments I’ve posted on Brocade’s and Cisco’s blog sites. It won’t surprise you that I’m [..]

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Open Source Storage

Storage vendors are getting nervous. The time has come that SMB/SME level storage systems can be build from scratch with just servers, JBOD’s and some sort of connectivity. [..]

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Save money managing storage effectively

How much tools do you use to manage your storage environment. On average the storage admin uses 5 tools to manage a storage infrastructure. 1. Host tools (for [..]

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Yeah its been a while. A lot has happened in two years. One thing that really jumps out is I moved Down Under. Yep, now inhabitant of kangarooland [..]

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Addres space vs. Dynamic allocation

This article is somewhat a successor to my first blog “The future of storage”. I discussed my article with Vincent Franceschini personally a while ago and although we [..]

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The Smarter Storage Admin (Work Smarter not Longer)

Lets start off with a question: Who is the best storage admin?1. The one that starts at 07:00 AM and leaves at 18:00 PM2. The one that starts [..]

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The future of storage

What are we up against, what are the companies problems and challenges in 5 to 10 years, how are we as a storage industry going to cope with [..]

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