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SFP in -INF state

The entire IT industry is packed with mathematics. So instead of keeping things easy we need to work our way around imposed restriction that have been imposed on [..]

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When to replace an SFP

Maybe the title should be “When to NOT replace an SFP” as I see in many occasions it is seen as a first option of fixing problems. In [..]

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Brocade “compatible” SFP’s will disrupt your fabric.

As with all good stuff there are always people and companies that try to jump on the bandwagon and make some dollars by using cheap kit and sell [..]

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FabricWatch FW-1050 alerts on SFP power failures

Whenever you see Fabricwatch throw a lot of a lot of FW-1050 warning messages around indicating an out of boundary power value on SFP’s it is most likely [..]

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5-minute initial troubleshooting on Brocade equipment

Very often I get involved in cases whereby a massive amount of host logs, array dumps, FC and IP traces are taken which could easily add up to [..]

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Brocade FOS 7.1 and the cool features

After a very busy couple of weeks I’ve spent some time to┬ádissect┬áthe release notes of Brocade FOS 7.1 and I must say there are some really nice features [..]

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One rotten apple spoils the bunch – 2

As mentioned in my previous post it only takes a single device to really cause some serious havoc in a storage environment. Now, “Why”, you may ask, do [..]

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One rotten apple spoils the bunch – 1

Last week I had another one. A rotten apple that spoiled the bunch or, in storage terms, a slow drain device causing havoc in a fabric. This time [..]

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The importance of clean fibre optics

I attended Cisco Live this week in Melbourne. Since it was very close to home and Cisco was kind enough to provide me with an entry ticket. (Many [..]

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