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Brocade Network Advisor vulnerable to SWEET32

OK, OK, don’t panic. In 99.999% of all cases you’re BNA management system is well dug deep inside the datacenter’s behind a fair few layers of firewalls, switch...

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Open Source Software (OSS) and security breaches in proprietary firmware

It is no secret that many vendors use open source software in their products and solutions. One of the most ubiquitous  is Linux which is often the base...

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Management Security in Brocade FOS

If you’re in my business of looking at logfiles to be able to determine what’s going on or what has happened one of the most annoying, and frightening, [..]

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7 – Fabric Security

This topic is hardly ever touched when fabric designs are developed and discussed among storage engineers but for me this always sits on my TODO list before hooking...

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Brocade Webtools and Java

(Update on Mar/04/2015 BNA and Webtool certificate expiration at the bottom of this post) (Update on Mar/19/2015 Followup on FOS level 6.x at the bottom of this post) [..]

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Brocade AAA authentication problem

Do you get nuts about these user-names and passwords you need to remember across all these different systems, platforms and applications. LDAP or RADIUS is your friend. When...

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SCSI UNMAP and performance implications

When listening to Greg Knieriemens’ podcast on Nekkid Tech there was some debate on VMWare’s decisision to disable the SCSI UNMAP command on vSphere 5.something. Chris Evans (www.thestoragearchitect.com)...

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OpenDNS with DNS-O-Matic

A while ago I wrote a short article that I found a nice way to “secure” or at least be able to monitor my childrens’ web behavior called [..]

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SoE, SCSI over Ethernet.

It may come as no surprise that I’m not a fan of FCoE. Although I have nothing against the underlying thought of converged networking I do feel that [..]

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Something different

Do you have kids crawling around the internet and you don’t have a clue of what they’re doing. (I know this has nothing to do with storage but [..]

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