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HBA Firmware and Drivers – The Storage Grey Area

Whenever things goes haywire on an OS or application there are two areas that are looked at first: Networks Storage In a fair few cases the issue is...

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The technical pathways of Brocade in cloud storage adoption

Brocade isn’t always very forthcoming about what they are working on. Obviously a fair chunk of development and engineering efforts are spent on cloud integration  and enablement of [..]

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2 – Creating the management landscape

The first thing to think of when creating a Brocade storage network has nothing to do with a switch configuration at all. Its about the surrounding management landscape....

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Brocade Network Advisor – Java memory size.

Houdini was a master in getting out of these things. Out of a swimming pool with a Straight-Jacket on I mean. This week I had an analogy to...

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Why Fibre-Channel has to improve

Many of you have used and managed fibre-channel based storage networks over the years. It comes to no surprise that a network protocol primarily developed to handle extremely [..]

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The first law of the Time Lords | Aussie Storage Blog

A buddy of mine posted this article and it reminded me of the presentation I did for the Melbourne VMUG back in April of this year. The first...

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Storage in 2013 and beyond.

It’s comes to no surprise that a couple of technologies really struck in 2012. Flash disk drives, and specifically in flash arrays, have gone mainstream. One more technology still clinging on is [..]

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Brocade Fabric Watch – The most underutilised feature

Many customer cases I handle are related to poor connectivity. A connectivity problem can be caused by unclean connectors, broken cables or SFP’s. (See one of my earlier [..]

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Save money managing storage effectively

How much tools do you use to manage your storage environment. On average the storage admin uses 5 tools to manage a storage infrastructure. 1. Host tools (for [..]

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Yeah its been a while. A lot has happened in two years. One thing that really jumps out is I moved Down Under. Yep, now inhabitant of kangarooland [..]

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