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ViPR – Frankenstorage Revisited | Architecting IT

Fellow blogger and keen dissector of fluff Chris Evans really hit the nail on the head with this one. ViPR – Frankenstorage Revisited | Architecting IT: Even after [..]

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SCSI UNMAP and performance implications

When listening to Greg Knieriemens’ podcast on Nekkid Tech there was some debate on VMWare’s decisision to disable the SCSI UNMAP command on vSphere 5.something. Chris Evans (www.thestoragearchitect.com)...

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SNWUSA Pre-conference schedule

As this week is going to fairly interesting at SNWUSA in Santa Clara I thought I’d might give some short daily updates. In the twittersphere there is already [..]

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The Smarter Storage Admin (Work Smarter not Longer)

Lets start off with a question: Who is the best storage admin?1. The one that starts at 07:00 AM and leaves at 18:00 PM2. The one that starts [..]

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