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Comparing different technologies

OK, let me make one this clear, and most of you know this already, I’m not a fan of FCoE and I wrote numerous articles around this topic. [..]

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Why FCoE is bad for Business (Continuity)

Sigh….. yet another post to debunk some FCoE marketing and explain in some more details why FCoE is not good for Business Continuity (or business in general)....

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ipSpace.net: FCoE between data centers? Forget it!

Cisco guru and long time networking expert Ivan Pepelnjak  hits the nail on its head with the below post. It is one more addition to my series of [..]

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Surprise: Cisco is back on the FC market

The Cisco MDS 9506,9509 and 9513 series director class FC switches have been in for the long haul. They were brought to market back in the early 2000’s [..]

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Brocade and the "Woodstock Generation"

I encourage change especially if there are technological advances that improves functionality, reliability, availability and serviceability (or RAS in short). What I hate if these changes increase risk [..]

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Why convergence still doesn’t work and how you put your business at risk

I browsed through some of the great TechField Day videos and came across the discussion “What is an Ethernet Fabric?” which covered the topic of Brocade’s version of [..]

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Brocade just got Bigger and Better

A couple of months ago Brocade invited me to come to San Jose for their “next-gen/new/great/ what-have-ya” big box. Unfortunately I had something else on the agenda (yes, my family [..]

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Brocade vs Cisco. The dance around DataCentre networking

When looking at the network market there is one clear leader and that is Cisco. Their products are ubiquitous from home computing to enterprise Of course there are others like Juniper, [..]

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Why not FCoE?

You may have read my previous articles on FCoE as well as some comments I’ve posted on Brocade’s and Cisco’s blog sites. It won’t surprise you that I’m [..]

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Will FCoE bring you more headaches?

Yes it will!!. Bit of a blunt statement but here’s why. When you look at the presentations all connectivity vendors (Brocade,Cisco,Emulex etc…) will give you they pitch that [..]

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