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1.1 – MAPS – Know what’s going on.

I’ve written about Fabric Watch quite a lot and I have always stressed the usefulness of this licensed add-on as a feature in FOS. This post will outline...

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The awesomeness of Brocade FOS 7.4

Whenever you see a leap in a minor version there is a bucket-load of new functions and features in software and FOS 7.4.0 is no exception. Besides the [..]

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FabricWatch FW-1050 alerts on SFP power failures

Whenever you see Fabricwatch throw a lot of a lot of FW-1050 warning messages around indicating an out of boundary power value on SFP’s it is most likely [..]

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Brocade Fabric Vision – Version 1

As you may have read in my previous posts I’m not really a fan of marketing driven terminology whereby existing technology is re-branded over and over again in [..]

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