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Brocade FOS version 8 and 32G hardware

If you’ve been laying low during Christmas last year and have overlooked that Brocade announced its first to market with “Gen 6” (32G) hardware and FOS code 8, [..]

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5.1 ISL/E-port configuration – The right way.

To many it has always been a mystery what happens when you connect fibre-channel switches to each other and all of a sudden magic happens and you can...

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The technical pathways of Brocade in cloud storage adoption

Brocade isn’t always very forthcoming about what they are working on. Obviously a fair chunk of development and engineering efforts are spent on cloud integration¬† and enablement of [..]

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Cross-fabric collateral damage

Ever since the dawn of time the storage administrators have been indoctrinated with redundancy. You have to have everything at least twice in order to maintain uptime and [..]

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Brocade Fabric Assist Zones

Huh, what did they come up with now??? A new way of zoning? FCoE zones? Is this the opposite of target initiated zoning?? Well, no, actually nothing of [..]

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FabricWatch FW-1050 alerts on SFP power failures

Whenever you see Fabricwatch throw a lot of a lot of FW-1050 warning messages around indicating an out of boundary power value on SFP’s it is most likely [..]

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RFE for Brocade FOS

There is already a fair chunk of functionality in FOS but, being a support-engineer, you always come up with features and functions that will improve storage fabrics. Being [..]

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Time with and without NTP on FC switches

I’ve been writing about troubleshooting issues for a while now and one of the things that is very difficult and most time consuming is correlating events between host [..]

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Brocade Fabric Vision – Version 1

As you may have read in my previous posts I’m not really a fan of marketing driven terminology whereby existing technology is re-branded over and over again in [..]

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Fabric design, the good the bad and the ugly.

For numerous years entire bibles have been filled with storage design concepts, pro’s, cons, benefits, cost structures on port-counts vs. performance etc. however whenever I get to see [..]

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