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This site is entirely my own and outlines my views and opinions.

The site owner does NOT accept any liability of the content of this site. It is based on best effort and is intended to provide some hints and tips to make optimal use of the equipment I normally work with. Any modifications, alterations and adjustments is prohibited.

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* Please use your own good judgment when evaluating information posted on this site. You are responsible for any actions you take based on advice or information you receive online, and we recommend that you perform your own research prior to making any decisions and consult with your support provider for official support. Keep in mind that the information provided by users on this site may come from people at any age and experience level.
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** Content

I do not claim ownership of any content or materials you post, upload, submit, or otherwise provide on this site which is not created by myself, and assumes no responsibility of any kind for such materials. Users provide all content on a non-confidential basis, and grant Erwin van Londen the right to reproduce posted material for any purpose. ALL INFORMATION ON THIS SITE IS PROVIDED AS IS WITHOUT WARRANTY. You agree not to reproduce, modify, sell, or distribute the content found on these forums without approval, proper citation and ownership notice.

Using any material from this site to provide services and support to third-parties is prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to use this material for commercial purposes without written approval from the site-owner. Separate terms and condition may be negotiated. Contact the site-owner for this.

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