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Preventing Information Overload in SAN Management

The standpoint of getting notified when events happen in SAN environments at all costs may need to be reviewed. As many of yo know the Broadcom and Cisco [..]

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PortFencing – the hard or soft way?

As you can read in my previous articles (here, here and here) having a physical issue on any of you FC links is detrimental to your entire FC [..]

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Marshall Stanmore Multiroom smartspeaker. A review

About two months ago I received my new shiny Marshall Stanmore multiroom smartspeaker. I’ve been dubbing between this one  and a Sonos for a long time but when [..]

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Brocade Network Advisor (BNA) is End-of-Life

So the final nail is in the coffin. Brocade Network Advisor is being put to rest. The juggling of Java code to the ever expanding demand of functions, [..]


Popcorn Time is the Napster of the current age

Opening up the Australian news homepage I stumbled across this article Illegal Netflix-style Popcorn Time could lead to trouble for users Since I like movies and watch them [..]

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The way Formula 1 needs to change (and quick)

Ok, I have to admit, I’ve been criticizing the F1 circus for a while now and for good reason. Ever since my father took me to a race [..]

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The Brocade best practices configuration guide

Introduction For many years I’ve been working with Brocade fibre channel equipment and handled from small to very large storage networks. In these +- 18 years a lot [..]


You are on sale at the banks

Last week I looked at a Dutch news bulletin headlining that ING, one of the largest banks in The Netherlands, is exploring ways to sell their customers data [..]

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Redundant on a 457

In the storage world the verb “redundant” means that your data is safe, secure, copied multiple times, backed-up and it gives you the feeling that if you make [..]


OpenDNS with DNS-O-Matic

A while ago I wrote a short article that I found a nice way to “secure” or at least be able to monitor my childrens’ web behavior called [..]

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