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You are on sale at the banks

Last week I looked at a Dutch news bulletin headlining that ING, one of the largest banks in The Netherlands, is exploring ways to sell their customers data [..]

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Blurry Fonts on X

This is not really a blog post more a note to self. After pulling my hair out because after an update of the X-server and Gnome on my [..]

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Microsofts new CEO. Saviour or the same?

The board of Microsoft has appointed a new CEO. When Steve Balmer announced stepping down from one of the worlds most influential companies for the last 3 decades [..]

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Why partition alignment on disk matters (Linux)

Linux has been pretty good with and for storage. The sheer volume of options w.r.t. filesystems, volume-managers, access methods (FC, iSCSI, NFS, DAS etc), multi-pathingĀ  but also the [..]

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Australia and the doomed NBN

In Australia there are basically two camps in the government that promote (or make it seem like they do) very fast internet connection speeds. The Labor party started [..]

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SUSE stops support for LibreOffice

On December 3rd SUSE announced it no longer supports LibreOffice as part of its core business. This doesn’t come as a surprise since LO is a pretty beefy [..]

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The forced marriage between Microsoft and Nokia

Unless you were in hibernation mode the last few days or were snorkelling somewhere in the middle of pacific you most likely have noticed that Microsoft have swallowed [..]

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Calculator via CLI

As an engineer dealing with storage I do get a hell-of-alot of info in either binary, hex, octal or decimal format. It’s always a PITA to convert these [..]


Australian Internet access. (with handcuffs and chains.)

It may come to no surprise that if you want to rewire a country the size of Australia it’ll take a while. This means that the majority of [..]

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Google Earth on Linux 64

I use Google Eearth fairly regularly for all sort of things. I like searching places around the world and looking at additional info from for instance National Geographic. [..]

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