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NVidia driver will not install on FC17 & FC18 & FC19

It was that time of year again. The bi-annual kernel upgrade on my Fedora 17 desktop. Normally this all goes very smooth and this time it was no [..]

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Linux Citrix Receiver client does not connect to server farm

I’ve had the issue where the Citrix Xen App on Fedora wouldn’t start because it popped up with a screen mentioning I decided that I didn’t trust a [..]

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Which host am I on??

Of course you can look at the hostname output but if you switch between numerous hosts all day you will have a fair chance you’ll enter a “sudo [..]

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ipcalc on Fedora

One of the most handy utilities I’ve used for a long time is ipcalc. It basically gives you all sorts of information on IP addressing, subnets, etc. The [..]

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tcsd service failed to start

With Fedora comes an option to have tcsd installed. Well, its not really an option. It installs by default apparently. This got me a bit baffled to see [..]

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NVIDIA card and Nouveau

So with the new box I ordered a NVidia GeForce GT 640 Grafx card. I need some desktop realestate and thus a very high resolution card. This one [..]

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Some disk settings I adjusted

Given the fact I now have an SSD drive running the /boot and root partition I do want to make the most of it. So in order to [..]

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dot desktop in Gnome

OK so this one got me going for a while. Yes, did not read the Developers and Administrator guides. Maybe I should have. This week I received a [..]

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Is there anything Linux does not have??

I’ve been using Linux since 1997 and back in the “good old days” it could take weeks to have a proper setup which actually had some functionality in [..]


Open Source Storage

Storage vendors are getting nervous. The time has come that SMB/SME level storage systems can be build from scratch with just servers, JBOD’s and some sort of connectivity. [..]

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