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  1. Lucas

    what about this latest news… ARRIS to Acquire Brocade’s Ruckus Wireless and ICX Business
    prepared for brocade certs… but now its wasting money…

    • Erwin van Londen

      Hi Lucas,

      Indeed. You just may hope that Arris takes over any qualification and certification you may already have obtained but I do question the current market value as Arris certifications seem to be non-existent. This would indeed mean that any certification you may hold on the Ruckus/ICX side of Brocade’s business is void and yes, most likely has been a waste of time and money.

  2. Jon Hudson
    Jon Hudson

    good review/look at it, assuming the IP business stays whole Great point on the Certs :-/

  3. anonymous

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if an anouncement is made by Broadcom and Qlogic for a similar merger. With the acquisition of Brocade they not only leveled the playing field but leapfrogged Avago here by several miles.”

    This seems a rather strange statement since Avago purchased Broadcom last year so they are one and the same company.

    • Erwin van Londen

      Indeed but the problem is they are still different entities. Engineering efforts are not always shared. We’ll see how it pans out. If Broadcom also decides to buy Qlogic because of the Brocade technology (Brocade sold the HBA business to Qlogic) there will no more competition left in that area. Good this is that FC HBA’s can then finally be seen as a mass-commodity and prices can drop sharply as it has done with Ethernet NICS before. The HBA ASICS can then simply be OEM’ed to whoever wants to bring it to market including all the current networking and storage vendors. An exciting time to see how this goes in the near future.

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