Brocade ramps up SDN knowledge with heavy-weight Colin Dixon

Colin Dixon, most notably known for contributions in the open source world on the networking side of the fence has decided to team up with Brocade. Let me rephrase that: started working for them. This is a significant testimony that Brocade is taking SDN serious in two ways.


  1. They already use a fair chunk of Open Source toolkit in their storage and networking gear and the increase in adoption will most likely not be different with pure SDN. It seems very likely that OpenDaylight or a modified derivative/fork will be tightly integrated into the SDN product-set
  2. Brocade is already a platinum member of the OpenDaylight consortium by which the project is hosted under the Linux Foundation flag.

Given the fact that the vast majority of networking vendors sit on a tier 1 membership makes it attainable that ODL will become a defacto standard in this area.

Although I applaud the way this is going and what has been achieved in a fairly short time-frame, I hoped that more integration efforts would have been undertaken with the other virtualization stacks such as in compute and storage.

Anyway, we’ll see what is being cooked in San Jose for the SDN adopters among us in the near future. The SDN path seem to be bright with a fair amount of OpenDaylight. 🙂


Erwin van Londen

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