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I already knew I was working with some extremely smart dudes here in HDS support but for this to be recognized by customers in an independent survey which more or less outlines that you outsmart the rest of the support industry is a great pat on the back.

Most of you already knew we have some really great kit. Smart modular and rock-solid enterprise arrays, flexible and extremely fast NAS systems and a really good piece of management software to configure and monitor all this. This is also seen in the numbers in the survey:

Once again, Hitachi was at the forefront, but in a big way this time by racking up a category score of 7.00; this isn’t only the highest reliability mark we’ve ever seen, but it’s also the first time an enterprise array earned a 7.00 in any category. Hitachi exceeded 7.00 scores on two statements: limiting downtime (7.15) and meeting service-level requirements (7.11). 

 As with most electrical and mechanical kit at some point in time something might break and it is up the design of the equipment to be able to handle these unforeseen blips and continue moving data back and forth. This is exactly what the HDS arrays do so extremely well. If for once in a very rare occasion it doesn’t work as planned you need to be sure you get help as soon as possible by someone who knows what they are talking about.

The efforts and time we at HDS support put into resolving a problem seems to be unprecedented in the storage industry.

With a 7.13 for supplying support as contractually specified, Hitachi went on to lead the field on seven of the eight statements in this critical category. In fact, Hitachi’s category average of 6.76 just edged out NetApp’s 6.74 from a year ago to rank as the best mark ever in this category for enterprise arrays. 

Does this mean we’re now resting on our laurels? No, definitely not. We want top honors next year again with even higher ratings. Your business needs to run, fast and we’re here to help accelerate that.

For the full report go to TechTarget’s website over here.

From all my colleagues and myself I want to thank you for this pat on the back, it helps us to keep focused and vigilant.


PS. I hope I never have you on the phone. Nothing personal but more a testimony to our great products. 🙂

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